Premium Body Oil

Our premium body/fragrance oils are blended from the highest quality fragrance oils & combined with a therapeutic-grade Grape Seed carrier oil to ensure it is absorbed quickly and does not leave a greasy residue.

These oils are paraben-free, cosmetic-grade and skin-safe though are for external use only and are not recommended for extremely sensitive areas of the body.

Customized fragrances are available in roll-on bottles that apply easily and smoothly and last for several hours on the skin.

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Premium Charcoal Incense

Why charcoal? Charcoal incense results in a smoother, and more mellow burn than the standard pressed wood variety and is believed to burn more ‘cleanly’, more closely maintaining their original fragrance while burning.

Hand-dipped and soaked in small batches to ensure freshness and intensity our premium sticks offer a burn time of approximately 60 minutes and are available in our Signature & Retro Series as well as  custom, made-to-order, fragrances.

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Premium Diffuser Oils

Some people do not like the smoke resulting from burning incense. To this end we offer our amazing custom scents in a formulation designed for oil diffusers. Simply add a few drops into an electric oil diffuser & enjoy the aromas without the worry of smoke or flames.

This oil will also work in candle diffusers but was not designed to be used in reed diffusers. Those oils require a more diluted formulation.

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Your Local Source

Electric City Aromatics prides itself on the highest quality and unique originality of our fragrance products and our attention to details like first-class customer service and rewarding customer loyalty.

Located in the heart of Ontario’s Electric City, Peterborough, we are ideally suited to offering our local customers the freshest, most intense, product possible. ‘Brewed’ in small, made-to-order, batches we can ensure both the quality and freshness that keeps our customers coming back again and again.

Creating your own, custom, fragrance is easier (and cheaper) than you might think. Working together we will develop a one-of-a-kind fragrance consisting of Top, Middle and Base notes that speak to you personally, with the option to name and ‘reserve’ that scent for your very own exclusive use.

Try us. You’ll like us.

Currently exclusively available at This & That Redux, Peterborough, Ontario.

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Simply stop by This & That Redux, 383 George St. South, or Contact Us to get started creating a custom fragrance or to purchase our premium incense & oils.

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