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What’s the meaning of life?

We get this a lot, so you’d think we’d have a better answer by now. Sadly no. No idea. 42?

Where can I get some?

Currently available at This & That Redux in Peterborough, Ontario.

 How come I can find cheaper incense and oils?

Because cheaper, inferior (often unsafe – read: Dollar Store), materials are used to make them as well as industrial production methods and/or under-paid labor. Electric City Aromatics makes all of our products in Peterborough, Canada and sources the finest quality oils and materials from reputable and reliable suppliers, the majority of which are Canadian. We also produce mostly made-to-order, small-run, batches to ensure consistency, freshness and intensity. This is not Dollar Store incense as one wiff will tell you. This all costs more but we feel it’s worth every extra penny, not only for the quality, but also to support local and national companies.

 Can I use your Body Oil as Massage Oil?

Available in roll-on bottles our Body Oils apply easily and smoothly and last for several hours on the skin. Formulated from the finest quality fragrance oils, these unique scents are then blended with, therapeutic-grade grape-seed, carrier oil (a popular choice with massage therapists) that will absorb quickly and not leave an oily reside.

These oils are paraben-free and considered skin-safe  and can be used externally to massage non-sensitive areas of the body though are not recommended for extremely sensitive areas of the body.

We are developing a massage oil for full-body use that will contain all-natural essential oils rather than fragrance oils for this purpose.

If you have particularly sensitive skin please test a small area of skin first before applying more generously.

 What’s your return policy?

Unopened incense may be returned within 5 days. Our body/fragrance and diffuser oils may not be returned due to the nature of the products.

Do you ship oversees and to P.O. boxes?

Currently no. We only sell locally at the moment but plans are underway to offer some of our products online in the near future.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! We are here to make your experience as excellent as possible. Just let us know how we can help.