Incense & Oil Sales

We sell unique, custom & one-of-a-kind, premium incense & oils to the public as well as for select corporate & retail clients.

Charcoal Incense

Body/Fragrance Oil

Diffuser Oil

Massage Oil – Coming Soon

Custom Fragrances

Did you ever wish ‘they’ made a certain incense or a perfume/diffuser oil? Or maybe you have an idea for a particular combination of favourite scents that you think would make the best smell ever! Creating an original custom fragrance for yourself or as a unique gift or promotional idea is both fun and rewarding.

Exclusive Fragrances

Ok. So we’ve worked together to create a fantastic customized fragrance just for you and now everyone wants it?

Fear not. Protect your creation and ensure that you are the only one (or those you authorize) that can smell as good as you.

Quality in, Quality out

From our high-quality charcoal incense sticks to our Paraben-free fragrances and therapeutic-grade Grape Seed oil we believe if we start with the best ingredients we can find, we will be able to deliver the very best incense available.

Highest Quality Standards

We source our oils and supplies(ers) very carefully to ensure the  highest quality materials are used to craft our incense and fragrances.

Next Steps…

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